Acting Instructor

Devenie Graham is an award winning actress and previous owner of D. Graham Entertainment where she partnered with business executives, professional actors, and cinematic productions, developing film and television around the nation. After graduation, Devenie launched her production career by cofounding an off-Broadway theater company in New York City and continued to perform in multiple films developed by the New York Film Academy. Her knowledge in producing and management landed her in Los Angeles, CA as the Creative Executive at Glendale Studios. Mrs. Graham collaborated with Warner Bros. studios and consulted with Creative Artists Agency on Entertainment branding and talent. Currently, Devenie is the Chief Creative Officer at Sharpened Iron Studios where she is the Producer for their upcoming kids series, the Sharpened Iron liaison for the Amarillo College School for Cinematic Arts, and leads the talent department for casting production in the surrounding areas. In addition to her extensive production experience, she is the acting coach for several actors in union and non-union projects.

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Grip Instructor

Daniel has been involved in entertainment for over 25 years. Starting at age 15, he performed in dozens of plays throughout high school and college. However, he shot his first film in 1999 and discovered his passion for making films. Since then, he has worked and studied all aspects of film making. Moving to LA in 2003, Daniel has worked on hundreds of film projects. He worked professionally as a producer, director, cinematographer, and as an editor. Daniel has shot features, documentaries, short films, music videos, docu-series, reality programming and has been all over the world and in almost every state filming for one project or another. In addition to his extensive film making experience, Daniel directed actors for 7 years in an Acting for the Camera Class at the Los Angeles Film Study Center. He even studied at Meisner’s infamous Playhouse West in Los Angeles for 3 years to understand the dynamics of communicating with actors. Daniel has endless passion and enthusiasm for visual storytelling. He has spent decades dialing in the skills necessary to become a skillful storyteller.


Bootcamp Instructor

Kirk Manton has over forty years of experience in the film, video, and live event production industry. He started working grip and lighting on film sets in the 80's and then moved on to equipment, facility, and people managing. Whether working in a business or ministry environment, from Southern California to the flatlands of the Texas high plains, Kirk brings a unique mix of tech savvy, relational maturity, creative energy, and administrative excellence to everything he does.

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Color Correction 101 Instructor

Senior Colorist Tanner Buschman has worked his way up the ladder of MTI Film's color team by working hard and proving himself over and over again. Demonstrating a true passion for what he does, Tanner has reached new heights of expertise by applying his talents to each project he works on. Tanner's color on The Affair, The Politician, Kidding, The Story of God, Through the Wormhole, among other TV and feature projects, has provided the diversity of work needed to gain "chops on the box” as well as refining his eye. Tanner has extensive experience in coloring, working on several Ryan Murphy projects including: American Horror Stories, Pose, Watched, The Political, and Hollywood. He has worked on projects with many incredible film members including Jim Carrey, Morgan Freeman, Malin Akerman, and more!   Often coloring on weekends on his own time, Tanner has demonstrated his commitment to be the best he can be, which has paid off with several productions such as American Horror Stories,  The Affair and The Politician.