So... what does a grip do?!

Updated: Mar 10

A grip is a key member of the film crew who is responsible for moving equipment around- but they do so much more than that!

A Grip is responsible for setting up, rigging, and striking lighting equipment on set. This means they must help keep equipment organized and sometimes even maintain the equipment! They are the ones behind the scenes making the magic happen, from lights to cameras. To learn more about what a grip does, and what you will learn at Film Foundry, check out the grip course here:

Learning to be a grip will let you be thrive in all areas on a film set, in the entertainment industry, and beyond! Here are just a few of the positions you could get after qualifying as a grip:

Jobs in the Entertainment Industry:

• Gaffer • Best Boy • Key Grip • Dolly Grip • Grip • Film Electrician • Large Venue/Specialty Lighting & Rigging Multi-faceted positions:

• Independent productions

• Community service productions (churches and non-profits)

• Local commercial

• Local broadcast

• Basic electric in local soundstage productions or in metropolitan areas

• Local TV access stations,

• Small business marketing

• Training videos

• Infomercials

• Local theatre companies

• Streaming prosumer productions

• Set lighting technician

• Managing safety practices of the electrical department (requires solid work experience)

• Lighting Programmers

We can't wait to help you launch your career!

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