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Skill of the Week: Transportation/Commercial Vehicle Driving

Are you experienced in commercial driving and want to get into the Film Industry? There are a range of production roles in need of your experience! Transportation for film is a very unique career, as you may either drive, procure, or coordinate any kind of transportation vehicle. These include varieties of big rigs, trailers for makeup and costume, lighting vehicles, personal trailers for directors and movie stars, transportation for the production, or rental cars for traveling cast and crew. When working on a set, transportation ensures everyone arrives to where they are needed as safely as possible!

As someone with a background in transportation and/or commercial vehicle driving, there are a range of jobs you qualify for on any film set. These jobs include:

  • Transportation Coordinator

  • Truck driver

  • Vehicle maintenance

  • Chauffeur

  • Dolly driver

  • And more!

Examples of a few key skills which will help you succeed on a film set, include:

  • Strong knowledge of loads, clearance, and road navigation

  • Motivation to work well under pressure

  • Ability to work long hours in various conditions

  • Excellent communication skills

  • Outstanding negotiation skills

  • And a strong knowledge and love of film production!

Do you think you have what it takes to join the Film Industry using your skills in driving, but want to learn more about the basics of a film set to master your knowledge and safety? Then check out The Film Foundry’s unique Film Industry bootcamp!

This 2 day course will walk you through all the basics of the film industry to help you know your way around any film set and function there like a pro. Learn more or register your interest at:

Our next bootcamp on May 28 and June 4 are filling up fast, so register today!

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