Skill Highlight of the Week: Tailoring, Costuming, and Sewing

Are you mesmerized by the incredible costumes of Bridgerton? Did you gain a passion for sewing through the pandemic, or have you always had a knack for fashion? The Film Industry might be the perfect fit for you!

Fashion and costuming is the artistic core of film or TV. It not only demonstrates the era, genre and character to the audience , but helps actors get into character as they embody personas through costumes. Tailoring, costuming, and sewing form a crucial part within a productions Art Department. Alongside directors, producers and writers,,wardrobe and costume designers help communicate the style of the film and contribute to the look and storytelling of the production.

As someone with a background in these skills, there are a range of jobs which you would qualify for on a film set. These jobs include:

  • Costume designer

  • Costume supervisor

  • Background costume supervisor

  • Costume design assistant

  • Costume maker

  • Breakdown artist

  • Dresser

  • Costume standby

  • Costume runner

  • Costume trainee

  • And more!

Examples of key skills acquired from Tailoring, costuming, and sewing that can help you succeed on any film set include:

  • Styling and the ability to understand the film’s vision

  • A knowledge of costume history or ability to learn

  • Excellent storytelling

  • Strong grasp of garment production

  • Organizational skills to manage costumes

  • Communication skills to work with team members, departments, and actors

  • And most importantly, staying safe!

Do you think you have what it takes to join the Film Industry using your skills in tailoring, costuming, or sewing, but want to learn more about the basics of a film set to master your knowledge and safety? Then check out The Film Foundry’s unique Film Industry bootcamp!

This 2 day course will walk you through all the basics of the film industry to help you know your way around any film set and function there like a pro. Learn more or register your interest at:

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