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Grip Course- Week 2

Through week two, we focused on interview setups but this week we filmed an actual scene from beginning to end. I have to say, this group has gone way above and beyond my expectations. If I were to describe our trainees in one word, it would absolutely be, “COMPETENT!” I think we should start calling this group, “The Magnificent Seven.”

We filmed an actual movie scene the entire weekend. And I also have to say, it felt like I was on any set I have ever been on. I threw several curve balls at our crew with the setups and camera angles and they killed it every time. Special shout out to David Lavender! I think the group would agree with me that David killed it at filling the roll of key grip all weekend. And as a crew, we are already tackling things that I thought we wouldn’t cover until several weeks down the road. I gave them some complicated scenarios and they delivered every time.

Another shout out is to The Film Foundry President Devenie and her actors! Devenie was so good at getting the actors ready for the scene that the entire crew was impressed by the actors’ performance.

Lastly, the crew’s attitude when on set is a joy to be around. Everyone has such a great attitude while maintaining professionalism. That can’t be stated enough. The environment was positive and allowed creativity to flow. GOOD JOB EVERYONE ONE! I AM SO DANG PROUD!!!!!

Do you want to join this amazing team? Get in touch today to learn more or register!

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