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Ready, Set, Action!

Do you have a passion for filmmaking, and want to learn the basics of the film business and directing? Join James Cullen Bressack to learn the essentials of the business of film making to help you launch your career. On February 3rd from 10am-4pm, James will teach you the basics of directing and the business of film!


James Cullen Bressack comes from a long line of Hollywood success stories, and has been awarded on several occasions for his bold and often controversial take to film making. Through this workshop, you will hear his perspective, and how he unapologetically tells the stories he feels needs to be told while maintaining his unique vision. He will also walk you through the business essentials to not only have your own vision, but make it a reality.


This four-hour master class will be divided into two sections. The first half will provide you the insight into the business of filmmaking, including starting your own business and essentials to commercial success. The second half of the course will direct and coach you through the basics of directing and creating a story telling narrative. This session will provide you with key knowledge to help create a successful and long lasting career as a Director.

This is a once in a lifetime opportunity. Do not let it pass you by, sign up for the master directing class TODAY!

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